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About Our Journey at MCHS

Macon County Humane Society is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization that was established in 2003 in Macon County, Alabama.

MCHS does not have have its own private facility so we heavily rely on our volunteers. As a volunteer-based organization, we have a dedicated network of fosters to provide temporary care for our abandoned and suffering animals. We always need more foster homes as we are constantly taking in new dogs. We need fosters that can provide a safe and loving environment for the animals in our care until they are adopted (which can be done through our website and network of associated shelters). We are working hard to raise awareness in the community about animal abuse and overpopulation and are seeking people to join us in raising funds to support this effort, or, even more so, to be a foster caregivers. As a foster, all you have to supply is love, a safe home, water and food for these needy animals (we provide the veterinary care!).

Our mission at Macon County Humane Society is:

  • Providing public education regarding animal care and welfare

  • Preventing cruelty to animals

  • Eliminating animal overpopulation

  • Operating an animal shelter dedicated to providing humane care of lost, injured, unwanted, and abused animals and

  • Placing homeless animals with caring, responsible people who share our commitment to providing proper care for our furry friends

Our Vision for the Future

Each year in the United States, millions of companion animals enter animal shelters and, sadly, never leave with the loving families that they deserve. In fact, in order to solve the animal overpopulation crisis, the Humane Society of the United States has estimated that each man, woman, and child would have to provide care for no less than several animals. These facts show how many animals are in need of loving and responsible families. In Macon County, Alabama, one thousand animals are euthanized each year simply because they do not have a home. The Macon County Humane Society envisions a community for animals where they are no longer homeless, but sheltered with loving volunteers. A community where the animals are no longer starving, but fed and well cared for. A community where no animal will ever be a victim of intentional abuse. And, finally, a community where unintentional neglect is resolved through education.

Our Team
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