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Adoptable Fur Babies

We are looking for caring, loving, and responsible individuals to care for our precious animals! Before considering to adopt, please read over these guidelines from our adoption contract:

  • You must agree to a home visit by MCHS to ensure a proper living and care environment

  • You agree to providing proper care (food, water, adequate shelter, and kind treatment at all times

  • You agree to take the animal to veterinary care for examinations and immunizations as needed 

  • You agree to license the animal in compliance with the laws and ordinances in forces in the municipality in which i reside 

  • You agree to notify MCHS if you decide, at any time, that you can no longer keep the animal. You agree NOT to take the animal to an animal shelter (or other rescue organization) or give the animal away to relatives, friends, strangers, or other without WRITTEN CONSENT from MCHS. As we are strictly foster-based, we require a minimum of 7 days  to re-foster the animal, if necessary. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

  • You agree NOT to let the animal be used for medical or experimental procedures.

  • You understand that MCHS cannot guarantee the health, temperament, or training of the above described animal and hereby release MCHS of all liability once the animal is under your supervision.

  • You agree to NOT let the animal remain outdoors and unsupervised for long periods of time, unless in a secure location with proper food, water, and shelter. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

  • You agree NOT to abuse or neglect the animal as stated in the Code of Alabama of 1975.This includes engaging in dog fighting or other similar activity.

  • You agree NOT to permanently confine the animal by tying and/or chaining the animal to a stationary structure/object

  • You understand that if you breach any part of the adoption contract, a fine of $5,000 will be levied.

  • Most important, you agree to love and take care of the animal from MCHS to the best of your ability!

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